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Bounce House Party Invitations

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Come on over, it’s time to bounce and play! Bounce house parties are all the rage right now for kids ages 2-8. What better way for kids to use up their energy then by bouncing around in a giant blow-up house for hours on end?! Depending on your area some kids places actually have bounce houses for you to use for parties. Other companies will actually let you rent a bounce house and bring it to your area or neighborhood at the end of a street or in a nearby field, etc.

When planning your bounce house party, start with a vibrant bounce house invitation to get your guests excited for your son or daughter’s birthday party. We have a variety of invitations for boys and girls featuring pastel hues, bright primay colors, outdoor scenes, bounce house die-cuts, laser paper, wiggler cards and bounce house fill-in invitations and thank you notes.

When writing your invitations out, remember to ask your guests to bring socks so that everyone can participate. It’s also a good idea to invite multiple chaperones to ensure bouncing safety. Some companies will even let adults jump in on the fun, thus you may want to invite parents to attend as well. Plan your party well with cake and snacks served after the bouncing ends.

Check out the above bounce house invitation and many others by clicking HERE!