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Plan Ahead – NEW Spring & Summer Invites

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

I was amazed when shopping the other day that all of the stores have out their spring and summer attire along with the cutest new bathing suits. I thought to myself, “Really? Bathing suits in January?!”. But the reality is that many of us are planning warm vacation getaways early-on this year and spring and summer will really be here before we know it. So it seems that the invitational trends are just like the department store trends in which we will be able to take a sneak-peak at the cutest and most trendy invitations for the upcoming warmer season ahead!

IB Designs has come out with some really cute designs for the summer featuring beach and pool scenes, trendy silhouettes and barbecue themes. Take a look at some of the newest designs below:

The above designs are great for summer events like pool parties, engagement party invitations, cocktail parties, girls weekends, bachelorette parties, beach weddings, summer birthday parties and more. We also have a new collection of summer cocktail invites from IB Designs that are on our website which feature modern colorful borders with refreshing summer drinks like pina coladas, orange spritzers, pink martinis, blue lagoons and other citrus creations. Check out these designs and all of our other NEW designs today and be the first to purchase these modern and so-cute summer designs!