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Joint Birthday Parties

Friday, January 29th, 2010

I spoke with a customer early this morning who had a great idea about hosting a joint party for her child and two other classmates who had birthdays within days of one another. This way parents don’t have to send their kids to three different parties, worry about conflicting party dates and themes or worry that the birthday kids won’t be able to attend each other’s events. This is also a great idea for parents on a budget, especially in this economy. Depending on how many kids the party is for, you pay that much less for cake, a rental facility, snacks, etc.

We have some great ‘multiples’ invitations for kids this spring season. Whether your party is themed, (pirates, princesses, dinosaurs, bounce house) or just a bunch of friends getting together for a birthday bash, we have the perfect designs for you. Take a look at a collage of some of our great multiple birthday party invitations below…

Never be afraid to break from the norm when planning parties. The more creative the better!