6 Things that should NEVER be on an Invitation

When creating an invitation there are certain underlying rules that we all should do our best to follow. Here’s a few thing we have found on invitations that go against traditional and sometimes even modern etiquette.

1. A period (.) – When writing an invitation, a line break or space between paragraphs indicates enough of a pause so that punctuation is not necessary. However, exclamation points and commas are acceptable, if needed, but should not be over-used.

2. P.S. – P.S. stands for ‘post script’ and is to be used in letter writing, not on an invitation. If you have an afterthought, you can have it printed at the bottom of the invitation in a smaller point font or even an italicized font if you want it to look separate from the invitation text. P.S. should remain for hand-written letter use only.

3. Sizes/Measurements – Typically seen on lingerie shower invitations or bridal shower invitations, sometimes a host will want to list the bride’s measurements on an invitation so that people know what size to buy. This should be spread by word of mouth, not printed. The bride may be self conscious about her size being sent to all of her guests.

4. Gift Requests – Indicating that you’d prefer monetary gifts, gift cards or no gifts at all should not be written on an invitation. It should be spread by word of mouth by the hosts of the event or family members/friends. It seems presumptuous to say “no gifts”, as if you were expecting that people would bring one. And indicating a specific gift request can just be downright tacky to some guests. Nobody wants to offend anyone, especially for an important event.

5. Meal Choices – Meal choices should always be listed on a separate insert, reception or response card that is included with your invitation. The invitation is to convey the message about the details of the party. Anything extra may be included but should not be printed on the actual invitation.

6. Adding of o’clock – If you have a time that is not a whole hour, “o’clock” should not be added. For example 1:30 should not be 1:30 o’clock. A simple “p.m.” added after the time will suffice.

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