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Baby Shower Invitation Idea

Sometimes the things our customers create simply amaze us! And when we see a great invitation or party idea, we love to share to help inspire others!

We always think of baby showers with the expecting mother theme, bottles, diapers, blue/pink themes, etc. This week we had a customer create their own baby shower invitation with a movie theme ‘premiering’ the baby-boy-to-be! They used great phrases like “Kate is ready to POP”, “Shower her before the baby’s premier” or “Bring diapers in any size to be entered into a raffle”. Take a look at this customer’s adorable baby shower invitation below, (names/addresses/dates have been changed to protect customer privacy):

These unique party themes give leeway for taking a party to the next level. You can incorporate your theme into the party food (serve popcorn, candy, soda), decorations (move reels, striped table cloths, have tickets as invitations) or party favors (tickets to a movie, dvd’s). A unique party theme will really get your guests involved in a party and make for a memorable event.

Keep the creative ideas coming! You may just see your invitation theme or idea featured on a future blog!

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