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Sports Party Invitations

Friday, February 5th, 2010

It will be kickoff time in just about two days! Whether you’re into football, soccer, basketball, cheerleading or gymnastics, has a great variety of sports invitations to pump up your guests for a great sports-themed party. Our sports invitations include die-cut pop outs, wiggler cards, die-cut shaped invitations and other sports scenes. Choose an invitation that features your favorite sport or if you can’t pick just one choose them all with a multiple-sports themed invite.

Sports parties are a great way to keep kids active and provide a full day of fun for everyone. Create a little healthy competition by having teams compete against one another with prizes for the winners or have a sports tricks competition. Sports parties promote teamwork and can also interest kids in a new team sport that they have never tried and may be interested in. Be sure to advise your guests of the proper attire to wear or bring to be able to participate in your event.

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