NEW First Birthday Party Invitations

We know that every birthday your child has is important, however your baby’s first birthday is one that marks so many accomplishments in your child’s life, from their first steps to their first word! Celebrate your baby turning one in a big way! With all of our new updated 2010 collections has a plethora of new 1st birthday party invitations for boys, girls or both!

When planning your child’s first birthday party be sure to plan the party for a time that does not include nap-time! This will make for a happy baby and happy guests. Plan a short party with plenty of colorful decorations with a theme that matches your little one’s personality – be it Sesame Street, princess, pirate, primary colors, cupcakes, circus, balloons or presents. Your guests will love watching your baby open their gifts as they jump from present to present. You may even want to buy two cakes (one for everyone at the party and a little cake/cupcake for your baby to tear into, being it is his/her first cake)! Be sure to have a camera ready as these pictures are sure to leave priceless memories.

Send the 1st birthday party invitations approximately 2-3 weeks before the event, depending on if your guests are local or out-of-state. Below is a short preview of the new 1st birthday party invitations we have available from our 2010 collections:

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