Handwritten Thank You Notes

Every so often I try to post blogs about common issues/trends we see in customers inquiries and orders. We have recently received an extreme amount of requests for pre-printed thank you notes. This meaning a folded note with a child’s name on the front and a pre-printed message on the inside, for example, “Thank you for coming to my birthday and for your generous gift! Love Emily”, etc. We do our best to educate our customers on proper etiquette regarding stationery orders, especially with this particular request. Proper etiquette dictates that a thank you note should never be pre-printed. It suggests to the recipient that you did not take the time to really appreciate their gift or attendance to your event and is usually considered rather, well tacky, for lack of a better word.

If a child is under the age of four, of course the child is not expected to handwrite a thank you note. This then becomes the responsibility of the parent. Write a cute but short note about how much your son or daughter liked the gift/how they used it, etc. If the child is a bit older and has begun writing you can ask the child what message they would like to say to X guest and write it for them. Then have your child write their name at the bottom or draw a little picture into the inside of the card. Your guests will think this gesture is sweet, kind and absolutely adorable. They may even keep the card as a keepsake. When kids get a bit older you can have them write their own thank you notes or purchase fill-in thank you notes where they just need to write a few words to complete the thank you note. It doesn’t have to be long or elaborate, just a simple thank you & their name.

The idea is to create lasting manners that your child will carry with them throughout life. It always means a lot when someone receives a handwritten thank you note in this day and age of email and texting.

Not sure what items to choose? Below is just a small preview of our kids thank you notes and fill-ins available:

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