NEW St. Patrick’s Day Invitations from IB Designs

With Valentine’s Day well over, we’re already moving onto the next holiday…St. Patrick’s Day, which is March 17, 2010!

St. Patrick’s day is a national holiday of Ireland that is celebratesd in Canada, the US, Australia, the UK, Argentina and New Zealand. It is a celebration of spring for the Irish & non-Irish. St. Patrick’s Day was developed in the early 17th century and is meant as a holy day for Roman Catholics in Ireland. In 432 AD St. Patrick had a vision to improve Ireland and convert the people into Christianity. The actual St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on the date that St. Patrick died. Current St. Patrick’s Day traditions celebrate the work of St. Patrick and include parades, parties, bar hops and everyone sporting green attire! Oh, and don’t forget the green beer, either!

When planning your next St. Patrick’s Day event be sure to check out some of InvitationBox’s new IB Designs products which include shamrocks and the ever-so-famous Irish cliche “Kiss Me, I’m Irish”. Take a look at some of the new designs below…

Ready to sport your green? St. Patrick’s Day is just a few weeks away!

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