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At InvitationBox.com, we always appreciate feedback from our customers and your suggestions and comments help us create a more user-friendly website on a daily basis! InvitationBox has a new online proofing system that actually allows you to create an online preview prior to ordering! This preview system is great because it allows you to experiment with different fonts and ink colors, as well as change text alignment and size. The best new feature is that you can even click and drag your text on the preview card to the desired area. You can move text as a group or line by line. When you place your order with us your design is actually saved into your order so that our professional typesetters can view your preview to see what type of design you were trying to achieve. This helps us to reduce the number of proofs needed, thus enabling you to receive your order in a more timely manner!

Can’t get your online preview as perfect as you’d like it to be? No problem! Before saving your design you will have the option to choose “Typeset this card for me” or “Use my layout”. This will tell our typesetters how to design your card. Remember that our typesetters are here to help. They will size, space and layout your entered text on the card as appropriate. If there’s something special you’d like to request or tell our typesetters when typesetting your order, be sure to enter this information in the special instructions box which is in stage 3 of checkout.

Friendly Reminder: Remember after creating your preview and clicking on the ‘save and continue’ button that this only saves your design for that ordering session. If you were to close out of your online preview or our website, you would lose any text you had saved. We are working to create a feature in our account section to allow our customers to save their work or designs and share them with family and friends. Look for this unique feature sometime later this year.

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