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Sports Party Invitations

Friday, February 5th, 2010

It will be kickoff time in just about two days! Whether you’re into football, soccer, basketball, cheerleading or gymnastics, has a great variety of sports invitations to pump up your guests for a great sports-themed party. Our sports invitations include die-cut pop outs, wiggler cards, die-cut shaped invitations and other sports scenes. Choose an invitation that features your favorite sport or if you can’t pick just one choose them all with a multiple-sports themed invite.

Sports parties are a great way to keep kids active and provide a full day of fun for everyone. Create a little healthy competition by having teams compete against one another with prizes for the winners or have a sports tricks competition. Sports parties promote teamwork and can also interest kids in a new team sport that they have never tried and may be interested in. Be sure to advise your guests of the proper attire to wear or bring to be able to participate in your event.

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NEW SanLori Designs Modern Invitations

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Perfect for a rehearsal dinner invitation, bridal shower invitation, save the date card or other formal party invitation, SanLori Designs has come up with a multitude of new designs for spring. Some of our favorites include extremely modern designs with bird, tree and folaiage themes. Colors of the new designs include contremporary compatible hues like brown & red, black and aqua blue, black & pink and lime green, hot pink and brown.

To make the design even more formal or special, SanLori Designs now offers pockets for their horizontal invitations that are adorned with silk ribbons tied at the top. The invitation slips into the pocket for a truly elegant presentation and each envelope features a shimmery white essence that matches your shimmer pocket.

Take a look at some of the newest SanLori Designs cards below…

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Baby Shower Invitation Idea

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Sometimes the things our customers create simply amaze us! And when we see a great invitation or party idea, we love to share to help inspire others!

We always think of baby showers with the expecting mother theme, bottles, diapers, blue/pink themes, etc. This week we had a customer create their own baby shower invitation with a movie theme ‘premiering’ the baby-boy-to-be! They used great phrases like “Kate is ready to POP”, “Shower her before the baby’s premier” or “Bring diapers in any size to be entered into a raffle”. Take a look at this customer’s adorable baby shower invitation below, (names/addresses/dates have been changed to protect customer privacy):

These unique party themes give leeway for taking a party to the next level. You can incorporate your theme into the party food (serve popcorn, candy, soda), decorations (move reels, striped table cloths, have tickets as invitations) or party favors (tickets to a movie, dvd’s). A unique party theme will really get your guests involved in a party and make for a memorable event.

Keep the creative ideas coming! You may just see your invitation theme or idea featured on a future blog!

6 Things that should NEVER be on an Invitation

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

When creating an invitation there are certain underlying rules that we all should do our best to follow. Here’s a few thing we have found on invitations that go against traditional and sometimes even modern etiquette.

1. A period (.) – When writing an invitation, a line break or space between paragraphs indicates enough of a pause so that punctuation is not necessary. However, exclamation points and commas are acceptable, if needed, but should not be over-used.

2. P.S. – P.S. stands for ‘post script’ and is to be used in letter writing, not on an invitation. If you have an afterthought, you can have it printed at the bottom of the invitation in a smaller point font or even an italicized font if you want it to look separate from the invitation text. P.S. should remain for hand-written letter use only.

3. Sizes/Measurements – Typically seen on lingerie shower invitations or bridal shower invitations, sometimes a host will want to list the bride’s measurements on an invitation so that people know what size to buy. This should be spread by word of mouth, not printed. The bride may be self conscious about her size being sent to all of her guests.

4. Gift Requests – Indicating that you’d prefer monetary gifts, gift cards or no gifts at all should not be written on an invitation. It should be spread by word of mouth by the hosts of the event or family members/friends. It seems presumptuous to say “no gifts”, as if you were expecting that people would bring one. And indicating a specific gift request can just be downright tacky to some guests. Nobody wants to offend anyone, especially for an important event.

5. Meal Choices – Meal choices should always be listed on a separate insert, reception or response card that is included with your invitation. The invitation is to convey the message about the details of the party. Anything extra may be included but should not be printed on the actual invitation.

6. Adding of o’clock – If you have a time that is not a whole hour, “o’clock” should not be added. For example 1:30 should not be 1:30 o’clock. A simple “p.m.” added after the time will suffice.

Girls Night Out Invitation

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Ask the girls to don their hottest heels, go shopping for a new outfit and put on that red lipstick – Every weekend gives opportunity for a girls night out whether you have a reason to celebrate or not! Tell your friends it’s time to leave the beaus at home, the kids in bed and hit the town!

Our new spring collection of invitations features a plethora of designs for girls nights featuring animal print patterns, polka dots, high heels, fashion prints, limos, convertibles, cocktails – all the essentials for a perfect girls’ night out. Below are just a few of our newest designs that work great for a girls night, adult birthday party or bachelorette party.

Night on the Town Invitation by Paper so Pretty – This funky girls’ night invitation features a pink striped background with a black outer border of pink polka dots. A black and white zebra striped heel adorns the right side of the card next to a pair of keys with a heart keychain and a red clutch spilling out lipstick and cheetah print sunglasses. Send this one out to your friends and be prepared for an unforgettable night.

Girl’s Night In Invitation by Inviting Company – Clink! Toast to another fabulous night without the boys with this modern girly invitation that features a bright pink background and a black border of giraffe animal print. Three white silhouettes of girls’ hands adorn the bottom left corner holding glasses of cocktails in animal print and polka dotted prints.

Hot Chicks Night Out Invitation by Inviting Company – Whether you’re traveling in a limo, party bus or convertible make sure it’s in style for your next girls’ night out. This funky and modern invitation features a light purple background with large yellow polka dots. A teal border frames the bottom of the card and a hot pink convertible holds four festive party chicks.

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