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Specialized Graduation Invitations & Announcements

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Graduation is special achievement for any student, but graduating from or heading to a specialized professional school is a milestone that should not go unmarked. recognizes these achievements and has an entire graduation invitation and announcement section for those students graduating or heading to dental school, law school, MBA/grad school, medical school or nursing school.

These specialized graduation invitations and announcements will help the student to not only announce their graduation but also showcase their professional passion in a chic, modern and stylish design. Each category features a different professional-appropriate theme whether it is a dental instrument, scale of justice, MBA shield, physician’s symbol or nurse’s cap. Our invitations and announcements are also available with a digital photograph of the graduate.

Take a look at some of our newest designs below…

Check out the above specialized graduation invitations and announcements at!

Class Reunion Invitations

Monday, March 29th, 2010

“Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 19…” Remember side ponytails, leg warmers, baggy pants, flare jeans, flower power, hanging out at Wal-Mart until all hours or staying at the mall for eight hours passing by the food stand because your crush just happened to work there? We’re all full of high school memories that are so fun to share. And now the question may be…will you be attending your high school reunion? Are you ready to see who has changed, who hasn’t and who has made a name for themselves?

Hopefully your class reunion won’t have you finding someone hiding in a locker like the cartoon above! If you’re planning a class reunion, has some great invitations to send out to your fellow classmates, whether this is a formal or last-minute event. Choose an invitation with your school colors and begin planning a totally fun and reminiscent night for all to enjoy.

Check out the above class reunion invitation and others at!

Party Host Etiquette

Friday, March 26th, 2010

At times, a host is really what makes the difference in a party, a good party or a great party. It is the job of the host to create an appealing atmosphere, make sure the honoree and guests are having a good time and comfortable. When hosting a party, the host’s first job is to welcome guests as they arrive, offer a drink and make sure the guest is comfortable. A host should thus be comfortable with talking to friends and family as well as people they don’t know, and striking up a conversation. A great host is also one who recognizes a guest who is not familiar with the other attendees and can ‘match’ them up with someone with similar interests to create conversation. After introductions and small talk, remove yourself from the conversation to greet and accommodate more guests.

During the party, take time to relax, have fun and enjoy the event however remember your hosting duties at the same time. It is important to make sure all food bowls are full, guests are talking and everyone is having a good time. Be prepared for minor spills, a lone guest or a wandering guest. Make yourself available to your guests as needed.

As your guests leave, be sure to thank each guest for attending. If alcohol is served be sure that everyone is okay to drive before heading home. Assist your honoree with gathering any gifts or items he/she would like to take with them. Walk guests to the door or to their car as needed.

All in all, remember that it is the host that typically ‘makes or breaks’ a party. It’s a lot of pressure to have on one person, but is greatly appreciated by all guests and the honoree. If someone asks you to host an event and you are uncomfortable, feel free to decline, as your upcoming weeks will be full of invitations, calling caterers and event locations, etc. If that doesn’t sound like you, there is almost always a Susy Homemaker ready to step in!

Farm Animal Invitations

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Invite all your friends for this birthday bash…And we’re not talking about your classmates, we’re talking about your friends on the farm, be it a horse, pig, cow, chicken, dog, rooster or sheep! Farm animal party themes are growing more popular for kids birthday parties from ages 1 – 5. You can incorporate your farm theme into your party invitations, party favors, decorations, party games or party activities. Below are some great party ideas for your next barnyard event:

Invitations: Choose an invite that features your child’s favorite barnyard friend or one that includes the whole gang! Choose an invite that features a barn scene if you’re taking your party to the farm. The below farm invites are new and some of our favorite kids party invitations yet:

Decorations: Farm parties are best to be held outdoors with lots of fun activities for the kids. Cut out farm animals and place them around for decorations or hang red, yellow and white streamers from trees. Hang mylar farm balloon animals about and arrange a few pumpkins or hay bails around the yard to create your own barn. You can even have the kids make their own farm houses out of large cardboard boxes…best barn wins!

Party Favors: Party favors can include bandanas, cowboy hats, plastic farm animals or toy trucks and farm equipment. Farm stickers are always a favorite too!

Games: Pin the tail on the horse, guess this animal sound, farm animal sherades.

Follow the above suggestions and your child will be ready for a barnyard party they’ll never forget!

Digital Photo Kids Birthday Party Invitations

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Hats off to the birthday boy or girl! When planning your little one’s next birthday event turn your party invitation into a keepsake for your friends, family and co-workers. Our digital photograph kids birthday party invitations allow your guests to see an adorable picture of the birthday boy or girl and also allow out-of-state relatives to see how much the child has grown over the last year. You can also choose to frame an invitation or keep one for a scrapbook to look back on over the years.

Below are a few of our new and most popular photo invitations…

Big One – This unique kids birthday invitation is extremely popular and comes in a variety of birthday years from one to five. The design features a yellow background with dark yellow stars and a large #1 in the back. A photo of your baby boy or girl sits in the top right diagonal corner inside a yellow frame of red, orange, green and blue polka dots. “one” is pre-printed at the bottom of the card in large polka dotted letters in red & orange, green and yellow, blue and light blue.

Birthday Hat Polka – This bright and vibrant flat white invitation features a hot pink background with a white botttom border full of orange, pink, hot pink, lime and puprle polka dots. A picture of the birthday girl sits inside a yellow and orange frame with a birthday hat coming off the top left corner. This birthday invite works for girls of all ages…it’s cute, fun and definitely memorable!

The above invites and more can be found at! Let your baby or child’s smile brighten up your next birthday party invitation!

Stock the Bar Invitations

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

It’s shower time! What type of shower do you host for the couple who has everything? Or the couple who has lived together for five years and already has a full house they are living in. Nobody wants repeat gifts or items they already have.

Stock the bar showers are becoming more and more popular with the modern wedding crowd. This is a great way to celebrate both the bride and groom as well as fill them up with liquors, wines and beer to help them relax after a long day or host at their next event. And you don’t have to limit your gift to a wine or liquor purchase. You can also step outside of the box and supply the couple with bar necessities like shakers, ice strainers, ice buckets, shot glasses, wine glasses, wine openers, bottle openers, wine tags, cocktail recipes…the list is endless.

When planning your shower you can create your own cocktail of the bride and groom that suits their style, tastes and wedding. Choose a cocktail color that coordinates with their wedding theme and serve one to each guest upon arrival.

Below are a few of our newest and most popular stock the bar invitations…

Thirsty yet? Check out the above invites and more at InvitationBox!

Graduation Gift Ideas

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

In a few months you are sure to be flooded with graduation announcements and invitations for friends, children of friends, co-workers and neighbors. When attending the graduation celebrations, most will not come empty handed. Below are some great suggestions for graduation gifts…

1. Cash/Check – everyone knows the expression “poor college student”. Money is always appreciated for the graduate heading out on their own or onto a higher education level.

2. Gift Cards – a gift card to Wal-Mart, Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond…any type of home or department store will greatly help the college bound student prepare for the next year ahead.

3. Collegiate Stationery – the gift of collegiate or personalized stationery is great for the grad heading out of state for their education. They can write home to friends and family about their new experiences, classes and memories.

4. College Pottery – A picture frame, mug, shirt or platter from the soon-to-be attending school is a great way to put the college student into the school spirit.

5. Picture Frames – picture frames are always a great gift whether they are filled or not. They can be used for favorite memories now or future memories to be had.

Need more graduation gift ideas? Check out’s collection of Graduation Gifts, invitations and announcements.

Invitation and Party Time Lines

Friday, March 19th, 2010

How late is too late to send an invitation? And is there some point where it’s really too EARLY to send an invitation? These questions plague many of our customers on a daily basis. In actuality, there is a right and wrong time to send an invitation. The thought behind invitation time lines is that you want to give your guests enough time to be able to reserve the date for your event but not so much time that an invitation is thrown on a counter amongst a pile of bills and junk mail and forgotten until three days after the party date. Yes, this does happen!

To prevent early or late invitation sending, check out these time lines below which will help you in pre-planning your next event. Depending on the invitation you are ordering, be sure to order your invitations approximately 2 weeks before you want to mail them to your guests. This will give you time for a proof, invitation processing and shipping, purchasing postage, stuffing, addressing and mailing your invitations.

Kids Birthday Party Invitations – Kids birthday invites should be mailed out anywhere from 1-3 weeks before your event. The earlier you send an invite, most likely the more kids will attend. However if you’re running late on the invitation sending, it should never really be an issue. Kids are always up for a last-minute party.

Birth Announcements – Birth announcements can actually be pre-ordered and mailed out as early as the week after the baby is born. I would say the latest to send a birth announcement would be about 3 months after your baby is born. However, if you have a preemie or an unfortunate medical issue with your child, a later announcement is certainly welcomed and acceptable.

Casual Party Invitations – Mail out your cocktail, birthday or other casual event invitations approximately 2-3 weeks before your event. Remember to send out-of-state guest’s invitations out a bit earlier to give them more time to make the necessary travel arrangements.

Formal Parties / Weddings – A wedding invitation or an extremely important formal event’s invitation should be mailed out approximately 6-8 weeks before the event. An RSVP date of about 2 weeks before the event should be included to confirm party totals for your caterer/host/location. If you feel you need to give your guests additional time, send a save the date up to six months prior to your event.

If you can think of any other event we haven’t listed above, feel free to ask us the proper timeline. Remember that the reason for your invitation is to help have a full guest list with the important people in your life celebrating your event. You can always go above or below the time lines, but the above should be a great starting timeline for those planning an event.

Pet Birth Announcements

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Our tails are wagging over this brand new collection of pet birth announcements and pet photo adoption cards. Whether you’re announcing the arrival of a new baby or a new furry friend, any addition to your family is an important one that you should be able to share with family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.

Our collection of pet birth announcements features announcements for your new dog or cat and features designs with dog bones, paw prints, dog and cat silhouettes, collars and fun animal sounds. We even have photo pet adoption announcements so that you can share a digital photograph of your new pet! Choose a modern brown, blue or pink hue with an elegant frame, pet border or striped theme.

Take a look at some of the cutest designs available below…

Warning: these announcements do not come with the adorable pets on our samples!!! Check out these pet adoption announcements and more at!

Do you bring a Gift to an Engagement Party?

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Cheers to the happy couple!!! While flipping through cards the other day I saw that a couple had put registry information on an engagement party invitation and I was quite surprised. A co-worker then asked a very interesting question, “Well, is it appropriate to bring/ask for a gift at an engagement party invitation?”

An engagement party is the first of many celebrations a couple will have/host to celebrate their upcoming wedding. With that being said, is a gift really necessary? A couple will traditionally be receiving gifts at their bridal showers, bachelorette parties, bachelor parties and of course the actual wedding. Since the engagement party is meant to signify the start of the planning of the wedding, it is really not appropriate to suggest, ask or expect gifts from guests. I would not advise including registry information on your engagement party invitations. It can make guests feel uncomfortable or obligated.

Feel like you don’t want to show up empty handed? If you are attending an engagement party it is acceptable to bring a small gift to help celebrate the couple. Think: card, bottle of wine or liquor, picture frame, words of wisdom/encouragement.