Floral Invitations

Soft. Subtle. Sweet. Inspiring. Set an appropriate tone for your next event with an invitation from our Floral Themed Party Invitations collection. Floral invitations portray an essence of elegance, importance and happiness to your event. Choose from invitations with sunflowers, hydrangeas, daisies, roses, posies, vines, lilies and hibiscus depending on the theme of your event. In our floral collection you will see outdoor floral scenes, floral and vining borders, dainty floral accents, pocket cards and floral screens.

Floral invitations are great for formal events, bridal showers, luncheons, garden parties, adult birthday party invitations, corporate events or tropical parties. You can incorporate the flowers from your invitation into your event by decorating tables and surrounding areas with the chosen flower(s) and use the colors from the flowers into your party decorations.

Remember that your invitation is the first indication of the event to be held. A floral invitation will set the bar high for your event and let your guest know the importance of your party. Browse the above floral invitations and more at InvitationBox!

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