Monogram Etiquette

I had a small discussion with two customers today about ‘married monograms’ and when they are appropriately used. The key word there is a ‘married’ monogram. So many times we see engaged and to-be-married couples use the groom’s last name for their monogram or a combined monogram using the brides first initial, last name initial of the groom and the groom’s first name initial.

In actuality, the correct use of a last name monogram or a married monogram is for a married couple. If the couple is not yet married, printed products, (i.e. invitations, stationery, stickers), should all be adorned with either the bride’s last name or the bride’s full monogram. A three letter ‘married monogram’ should not be used until the couple has been wed. Example:

Jane Sarah Howard who is engaged to Chris Martin Thomas

Correct: jHs
Correct: H
Incorrect: jTc

With the above being said and advised, I can’t tell you how many times I see an engaged couple use a ‘married monogram’. To me, I feel like it’s acceptable in these modern times to use one, to be brutally honest. However, if you are quoting and using traditional etiquette for your ceremony, wedding text, etc. you should stick to the rules and be consistent. Proper etiquette gives off a sign of class and tradition that is truly recognized and appreciated.

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