Do you bring a Gift to an Engagement Party?

Cheers to the happy couple!!! While flipping through cards the other day I saw that a couple had put registry information on an engagement party invitation and I was quite surprised. A co-worker then asked a very interesting question, “Well, is it appropriate to bring/ask for a gift at an engagement party invitation?”

An engagement party is the first of many celebrations a couple will have/host to celebrate their upcoming wedding. With that being said, is a gift really necessary? A couple will traditionally be receiving gifts at their bridal showers, bachelorette parties, bachelor parties and of course the actual wedding. Since the engagement party is meant to signify the start of the planning of the wedding, it is really not appropriate to suggest, ask or expect gifts from guests. I would not advise including registry information on your engagement party invitations. It can make guests feel uncomfortable or obligated.

Feel like you don’t want to show up empty handed? If you are attending an engagement party it is acceptable to bring a small gift to help celebrate the couple. Think: card, bottle of wine or liquor, picture frame, words of wisdom/encouragement.

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