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Farm Animal Invitations

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Invite all your friends for this birthday bash…And we’re not talking about your classmates, we’re talking about your friends on the farm, be it a horse, pig, cow, chicken, dog, rooster or sheep! Farm animal party themes are growing more popular for kids birthday parties from ages 1 – 5. You can incorporate your farm theme into your party invitations, party favors, decorations, party games or party activities. Below are some great party ideas for your next barnyard event:

Invitations: Choose an invite that features your child’s favorite barnyard friend or one that includes the whole gang! Choose an invite that features a barn scene if you’re taking your party to the farm. The below farm invites are new and some of our favorite kids party invitations yet:

Decorations: Farm parties are best to be held outdoors with lots of fun activities for the kids. Cut out farm animals and place them around for decorations or hang red, yellow and white streamers from trees. Hang mylar farm balloon animals about and arrange a few pumpkins or hay bails around the yard to create your own barn. You can even have the kids make their own farm houses out of large cardboard boxes…best barn wins!

Party Favors: Party favors can include bandanas, cowboy hats, plastic farm animals or toy trucks and farm equipment. Farm stickers are always a favorite too!

Games: Pin the tail on the horse, guess this animal sound, farm animal sherades.

Follow the above suggestions and your child will be ready for a barnyard party they’ll never forget!