Party Host Etiquette

At times, a host is really what makes the difference in a party, a good party or a great party. It is the job of the host to create an appealing atmosphere, make sure the honoree and guests are having a good time and comfortable. When hosting a party, the host’s first job is to welcome guests as they arrive, offer a drink and make sure the guest is comfortable. A host should thus be comfortable with talking to friends and family as well as people they don’t know, and striking up a conversation. A great host is also one who recognizes a guest who is not familiar with the other attendees and can ‘match’ them up with someone with similar interests to create conversation. After introductions and small talk, remove yourself from the conversation to greet and accommodate more guests.

During the party, take time to relax, have fun and enjoy the event however remember your hosting duties at the same time. It is important to make sure all food bowls are full, guests are talking and everyone is having a good time. Be prepared for minor spills, a lone guest or a wandering guest. Make yourself available to your guests as needed.

As your guests leave, be sure to thank each guest for attending. If alcohol is served be sure that everyone is okay to drive before heading home. Assist your honoree with gathering any gifts or items he/she would like to take with them. Walk guests to the door or to their car as needed.

All in all, remember that it is the host that typically ‘makes or breaks’ a party. It’s a lot of pressure to have on one person, but is greatly appreciated by all guests and the honoree. If someone asks you to host an event and you are uncomfortable, feel free to decline, as your upcoming weeks will be full of invitations, calling caterers and event locations, etc. If that doesn’t sound like you, there is almost always a Susy Homemaker ready to step in!

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