Month: March 2010

Monogram Etiquette

I had a small discussion with two customers today about ‘married monograms’ and when they are appropriately used. The key word there is a ‘married’ monogram. So many times we see engaged and to-be-married couples use the groom’s last name for their monogram or a combined monogram using the brides first initial, last name initial […]

Floral Invitations

Soft. Subtle. Sweet. Inspiring. Set an appropriate tone for your next event with an invitation from our Floral Themed Party Invitations collection. Floral invitations portray an essence of elegance, importance and happiness to your event. Choose from invitations with sunflowers, hydrangeas, daisies, roses, posies, vines, lilies and hibiscus depending on the theme of your event. […]

Greek Stamps

“There are two types of people in this world…Those who are Greek and those who wish they were Greek,” [My Big Fat Greek Wedding]. It’s just about that time when rushing is over, bids are issued and pledging begins. As a Greek college student I’m sure you walk around campus with your sorority jacket or […]