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I was reading a really interesting post on Brides.com today about a bride ‘going green’ and asking her guests to bring an unwrapped gift to a bridal shower. I always found this as an unusual request and the responses from readers were extremely interesting. Many different points of views from supporting the ‘go green’ cause to utterly disgusted by being told ‘how to present my gift’. A valid point was brought up that if you are into being green, most wrapping paper is reusable or recyclable…which somewhat defeats the purpose.

I tend to heir on the end of this being a tacky request. Most guests enjoy the actual present unwrapping at a shower. The point was made here that perhaps if a bride has a shower with 100+ guests, this could be an extremely long process. Some readers were posting that they would feel uncomfortable standing there with a stack of dish towels and utensils next to the guest with the $200 Kitchenmaid mixer.

If you’re attending a ‘no gift wrap requested’ shower, there were some great suggestions on how to present your gift so that you don’t just feel like you’re walking into an event with a toaster in your hand. Suggestions for ‘wrapping’ were:

1. Cookie Tin
2. Basket
3. Gift Bag
4. Towel or colorful sheet
5. Newspaper or Magazine pages (wedding)

Thinking about going green or just don’t have time at your shower? It’s definitely becoming a more popular trend with showers today, but consider the thoughts/feelings/ages of your guests and what they’d prefer. Your 78 year old grandmother may not be so excited about your ultra-modern idea.

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