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Monkey Invitations

Monday, April 12th, 2010

It’s a jungle out there! Celebrate your little monkey’s birthday party with a monkey invitation from our jungle and safari animals collection. Monkey invitations seem to be the perfect theme for those between the turning ages of 1-7 as our monkey cards are as cute, bubbly, bouncy, crazy and adorable as your little one. Our monkey themed invitations will work with any party event or style featuring monkeys with balloons, monkeys at the pool, bounce house monkeys, monkeys wearing party hats, swinging from trees in the jungle, riding bikes or doing ballet…all of the things your child loves to do!

Check out some of our favorite and newest monkey cards below:

jungle invitationsSwim Monkey Invitation by Inviting Company – Ready to make a splash? This fun monkey invitation is ready for a day at the beach or pool! This adorable invitation features a vibrant blue background with a brown and white monkey on the left side. He wears a red and yellow baseball hat and a pair of yellow and green swim trunks. A beach party is not equipped without a beach ball! See him carry it under his right arm.

safari invitationsMonkey’s Wigglers Party Invitation by Paper so Pretty – This invitation will truly make your guests feel like they are headed for a jungle! This die-cut invitation is in the shape of two tall palm trees with red, blue, yellow and green leaves at the bottom. A die-cut of two monkeys and a toucan adorn the back of the card to give the illusion that they are hanging from the tree. This die-cut is held to the card with a wiggler that makes the monkeys wiggle and bounce from side to side as if they were really bouncing.

monkey birthday invitationsMonkey Around by Red Leaf Papers – This monkey card is from one of our newest vendors and is perfect if you have one or more birthdays to celebrate. This card features a light sky blue background with a monkey standing in the grass at the bottom left holding a bouquet of navy, green and red balloons. Four light green vines hang at the top of the card with a brown monkey hanging upside down from one of the branches. Add your text in brown and green ink to match the colors of the invite.

Find these adorable kids birthday party invitations and more at InvitationBox.