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Reply Card Tips/Etiquette

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Wedding season is well under-way. It seems like more and more every day wedding orders come in. Along with our wedding orders come a plethora of questions on how to word specific parts of your wedding ensemble which is essential in portraying a clear message to your guests. Nobody wants to receive an invitation and be questioning when to reply, attend or where to attend.

In focusing on reply cards today, one specific section of reply card wording that is always tricky is when a bride and groom write the “M___________________” line followed by the line reading “Number of persons_____” or “will_____attend”. This specific line of text can cause major confusion or major problems/issues for your wedding day.

“Number of persons_____” indicates that your guest may fill-in however many people they would like to bring to your event. This can turn a guest list of 100 easily into a guest list of 175. If you’re on a limited budget, this could be quite troublesome. Also, it can be quite confusing if someone writes two names on the “M______” line followed by “3” in the persons attending section. Does this mean five people total or attending or three?

Using “will______attend” can also be confusing as guests may not be completely sure what to write on the blank line. If attending do they check the line? Write yes? If not attending do they write no or not?

All in all, it is important to relay clear information to your guests just as it is important for your guests to be clear in replying to you. We typically suggest either of the following options for your reply card text after the “M___________” line:

____accepts with pleasure
____declines with regret

____will attend
____unable to attend

Remember that the number of guests attending should be indicated by what and how many names are written on your “M________” line.