Italian Themed Party Invitations

Mama Mia! Relax with a glass of chianti and get ready for an Italian feast so that no guest will leave hungry! Italian themed party invitations have become more and more popular this year. Most are used for rehearsal dinners, corporate events, adult birthday parties or casual dinner parties. It’s a great party idea as it appeals to many guests, (vegetarians and non-vegetarians), and even kids. You can have your guests bring an Italian dish to share anywhere from wine, salad or bread to the main dish or dessert.

Our Italian themed invitations range anywhere from vintage Italian restaurant signs to Italian place settings, dinner table scenes, Italy street scenes, Italian chefs, Tuscan arches and olive branches. Whatever your party style, or whatever the formality of your event, we have a classy Italian invitation to coordinate. Browse below to view some of our most popular Italian dinner party invitations:

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