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Graduation Announcements

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Is there a right and wrong time to send out graduation announcements? I have been flooded with these types of questions from our graduate’s parents lately. Like a wedding announcement, most are written in past tense and should be sent after the event has occurred. This can mean sending your graduation announcement the day of the graduation, a day or two before graduation (so that your recipients receive it the day-of the graduate’s big day), or anytime up to a month or two after the graduation. If you are planning on sending an announcement before the graduation, be sure your text indicates so. In other words, “We are happy to announce our son will be graduating on…etc.”.

Graduation announcements should include the notice about the person graduating, the graduate’s name, school they are graduating from and the date of the graduation. It does not need to include the time of the graduation. I have seen this many times this year and in all honesty, this can confuse your guests as far as whether or not you are inviting them to the actual graduation ceremony. Best to leave the time and other minute details off.

The one exception to the above rules for graduation announcements is with the case when you have your graduation party invitation combined with your announcement. This would entail the announcement of the graduate first followed by an invitation to celebrate the event. In this case, you are welcome to send your announcements out ahead of time. Example wording:

Janis and David Holland
are pleased to announce
the graduation of their son
Michael Robert
from Texas Tech High School
on May 31, 2010

Please join us to celebrate
with a party in his honor
June 5, 2010
6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
453 North Halloran Street
Houston, TX

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Vibrant Invitations for Spring

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Spring is well underway…and if you’re from the South like we are, it already feels like summer! At InvitationBox we have a vibrant and modern collection of floral invitations just in time for Spring. These invitations feature vibrant color combinations in yellow, pink, aqua, green, white, blue, orange and more. Inside this collection you’ll see modern floral designs, flower print borders mixed with other springlike patterns, large floral scenes or mosaics of floral designs.

Floral invitations are perfect for springtime and summer events like bridal showers, baby showers, garden parties, adult birthday parties, tropical parties or corporate events. Choose an invitation that has colors that coordinate with your wedding, baby shower or party theme.

Below are just a few of our favorite and newest floral invites which have become oh-so-popular this Spring season:

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Writing the Year on an Invitation

Monday, April 5th, 2010

I had a customer call about year etiquette and when it was appropriate to write the year on on invitation or reply card. The rule of thumb for writing the year on an invitation is that if you have a formal event, corporate event or wedding the year should be included as a simple formality. It is also nice in the future if looking back at the invitation as a keepsake that the date is printed upon it. This is especially important for wedding invitations and formal events. As far as more casual invitations, the year is not necessary to be printed. It is not incorrect to have the year printed, however it is just not needed.

The more formal the event, the more “long hand” or involved you will write the year. For example, (casual to formal):

May 1st
Saturday, May 1st
May 1, 2010
Saturday, May 1, 2010
Saturday, the first of May, Two thousand ten
Saturday, the first of May, Two thousand and ten

Remember, if you use the year in one part of your invitation, it is not necessary to repeat it in another section of your invite (like the RSVP), or on your reply card. As you have previously stated it, the year is implied and should not be repeated.

Going Green – Gift Wrapping

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

I was reading a really interesting post on today about a bride ‘going green’ and asking her guests to bring an unwrapped gift to a bridal shower. I always found this as an unusual request and the responses from readers were extremely interesting. Many different points of views from supporting the ‘go green’ cause to utterly disgusted by being told ‘how to present my gift’. A valid point was brought up that if you are into being green, most wrapping paper is reusable or recyclable…which somewhat defeats the purpose.

I tend to heir on the end of this being a tacky request. Most guests enjoy the actual present unwrapping at a shower. The point was made here that perhaps if a bride has a shower with 100+ guests, this could be an extremely long process. Some readers were posting that they would feel uncomfortable standing there with a stack of dish towels and utensils next to the guest with the $200 Kitchenmaid mixer.

If you’re attending a ‘no gift wrap requested’ shower, there were some great suggestions on how to present your gift so that you don’t just feel like you’re walking into an event with a toaster in your hand. Suggestions for ‘wrapping’ were:

1. Cookie Tin
2. Basket
3. Gift Bag
4. Towel or colorful sheet
5. Newspaper or Magazine pages (wedding)

Thinking about going green or just don’t have time at your shower? It’s definitely becoming a more popular trend with showers today, but consider the thoughts/feelings/ages of your guests and what they’d prefer. Your 78 year old grandmother may not be so excited about your ultra-modern idea.

Through the Years – Photo Graduation Cards

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Graduation from high school or college is one of the many milestones we’ll have throughout our lives. These new ‘through the years’ photo graduation cards feature multiple photos of the graduate which allows for you to show how much the graduate has changed over the past educational years. Start with a baby photo, followed by a child or high school photo and then a current photo of the graduate.

These photo graduation cards can be kept as a keepsake or a page of a scrapbook for the graduate. They are also great for out-of-state relatives and friends that have not seen the graduate in quite some time. Use these photo cards as a graduation announcement, graduation party invitation or both.

Below are just a few of the most popular ‘through the years’ graduation cards available. Each card features multiple photos with vibrant color combinations and accents that compliment your child’s school colors, style or graduation party theme.

Don’t feel like sharing any baby photos? Not a problem, you can put any photos you wish inside these frames. Add a few photos from graduation or senior year. Even add a logo from your graduating school!