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NEW!! 3-D Invitations

Friday, May 28th, 2010

“I’m spinning my wheels, so I’m going out tonight, in my red high heels…”

At InvitationBox, we are contantly adding new, fresh and stylish designs to appeal to our shoppers. Our newest designs include 3-D high heel shoes from Paper so Pretty! We thought it was crazy when we first heard about this design, but it is truly amazing what designers come up with nowadays. These 3-D invitations are chic, sassy and just what you need for a girls-only event!

Sold in three fun styles, the high heel shoes come in red, black and white. Each heel is open-toed and actually free-stands when assembled. Your text is printed on the shoe’s insole. When your guest receives her invitation in the mail she will need to pop the heel up and attach the toe flaps to create the shoe. She then has a totally cute reminder of the party up ahead.

These high heel shoes are great for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, lingerie showers, girls nights out and also serve as great menu cards for a party reception. Check them out at InvitationBox!

Napkins, Guest Towels & Plates at IBOX!

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Need to add a little personalization to your reception bar area, dinner table or serving station? always tries to take a step outside the ‘box’ by offering party essentials to complete your big event.

Ranging from cocktail napkins, to dinner napkins and guest towels, our vendor Embossed Graphics offers a variety of personalizable napkins in a huge variety of colors. Add your name, a fun graphic, event date or special phrase to a napkin with our variety of foil stamping colors, embossed impressions or matte inks.

Need something a little less formal and more about the party? We also have fun dessert and cocktail sized napkins with fun party graphics ranging from funky patterns to sports, baby shower themes, holiday designs, cocktails and quotes and more. You can also choose coordinating dinner plates and dessert plates. Most of our napkin and plate selections also have invitations they coordinate with.

So the next time you’re hosting an event, make it that much more special with a coordinating dinner set or a customized napkin that really puts your mark out there!

BBQ Party Invitations

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

grill invitations

Listening to the sizzling of the hamburgers and hot dogs grill and watching the smoke wind out of the grill-top as it opens is no more than just a few days away. As Memorial Day kicks off the summer, it’s a great time to start thinking about the summer months ahead and the fun times you’ll be sharing with family and friends.

Right in time for the BBQ season, our very own designers for IB Designs have come out with a few brand new barbecue invitation designs to help you celebrate your next summertime event. Each design features a fun and light-hearted barbecue design featuring hamburgers, grilling condiments, grill and smoke scenes and even vintage ‘old west’ writing to get you in the southern BBQ spirit. For more formal summer barbecue occasions like a rehearsal dinner or corporate event, we have a new red bandana BBQ invitation with a red and white border of a bandana print pattern.

Take a look at some of our new designs below…

barbeque invitations

These fun summery invitations are square shape and will cost extra postage! Be sure to plan your budget correctly!

Welcome to The Green Kangaroo!!!

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

InvitationBox is pleased to announce our newest partner – The Green Kangaroo from right here in Cary, North Carolina. The folks at The Green Kangaroo have put together an awesome wedding collection with everything from Save the Date Cards, Wedding Invitations, Reply Cards, and even Reception and Accommodation Cards.  As you can see, The Green Kangaroo and InvitationBox have got weddings covered.  I put together a set of cards to show just how wonderfully the collection flows from the planning stages to the Big Day.

Sleepover Party Invitations

Monday, May 24th, 2010

GIRLS RULE & BOYS DROOL!! Grab your pillow, the popcorn, your favorite tunes, makeup, dress-up clothes and gossip magazines…it’s time to plan a girls-only sleepover party with all of your BFF’s invited!

We all remember our first sleepover as a child. A little nervous about leaving home for an entire night away from our parents, picking out a sleeping bag to take for the event and hiding your favorite teddy bear that you sleep with every night in the bottom of your overnight bag so that he’s not lonely for a night without you. Then you get to the sleepover, watch movies, eat pizza, dance, play dress-up and gossip and realize that all your fears have gone away and you’ve taken one step forward in growing up!

Our sleepover party invitations are the cutest around…featuring sleeping bag themes, pajama themes and invitations with all the sleepover essentials from an iPod to slippers, popcorn, microphones and more. Below are just a few of our favorite sleepover party invitations:

sleepover invitations

Camping Party Invitations

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Nothing says summer more than a night out with the boys and nature…the fire crackling, smores marshmallows roasting, crickets chirping, fish splashing and waiting to bite. Celebrate the start of summer with a camping party for the guys or your son and his friends! Nothing creates lasting bonds like a camp-out.

Our camping party invitations are fun and colorful and feature fire, sleeping bag, tent, lake, forest and fishing scenes. My personal favorite camping invitation is BRAND NEW from Paper so Pretty and features a green forest scene of three little boys at a campsite around a lake adorned with small cattails. Two boys lay underneath a yellow pitched tent with bug spray, a lantern and sleeping bag scattered about. The third little boy wears a camo baseball hat and sits on a log by a fire roasting two marshmallows. A fishing rod reaches into the lake for dinner’s catch. Check out this “Camping Kids Invitation” below…

camping invitations

Planning a camping party? Remember to ask your guests to bring plenty of bug spray, sunscreen, bait and ghost stories for the camp fire!

Patriotic Party Invitations

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Make sparks fly before the 4th of July this year with a fun, summery, patriotic invitation that celebrates our Independence in a BIG way! American pride is very important to us at IBox and we know that the summer season brings along a bunch of BBQ’s, pool parties and casual get-togethers for Memorial Day, the 4th of July or business events. Our patriotic party invitations feature a multitude of themes to coordinate with the type of event you are hosting. From fun at the lake to fireworks, beer, boating, stars and stripes, American flags, Army, pool and dinner party themes, all with patriotic flare.

Some of our newest and most popular designs this year are from vendors like Picture Perfect and Noteworthy Collections…Check them out below!

patriotic invitations

Hosting a neighborhood block party to celebrate the next patriotic holiday? Choose a patriotic designer paper, like one of our favorites shown below, which are sold in 8.5 x 11 inch size for easy self-printing on your home printer. Hand out your flyers or mail them with the coordinating envelopes supplied with your order.

patriotic paper

View these patriotic invitations as well as our fun summer party invitations at!

Partying During Rough Economic Times

Friday, May 21st, 2010

We are all doing a little belt tightening during the current economic downturn, but life still goes on and that means birthdays and weddings and PARTIES!!!! With that in mind, IBox is happy to present our “Super Clearance Section”. Here you can find invitations for all kinds of events, from weddings and bridal showers to birthday and cocktail parties. We also have a great selection of moving and anytime cards on the site. With savings of 25% you’ll be saying …Recession, what recession in no time. And order by this Sunday, May 23rd and receive an extra 5% off. That is up to 30% off on some awesome invites!!! I’ve posted a couple below to show that these are not your typical “clearance” items, but first run cards by top designers like Four Seasons, Inviting Company and Noteworthy!

Here is an invite to a Day at the Beach by Four Seasons.

clearance beach invitations

Tux and Gown, also by Four Seasons, will definitely get them to the church on time.

clearance bridal shower invitations

Finally, don’t let your new address get lost in the shuffle with “We’re Moving On” by Noteworthy.

Clearance Moving Announcements

Menu Cards

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Add a classy element to your reception or party table with a customized menu detailing the courses ahead for the evening. Some reception sites include a menu for the table or for each placesetting, however if they don’t, it’s an especially nice gesture to place a personalized menu at each placesetting. Choose a menu that coordinates with your table linen colors or with your party themes and colors.

Our menu collection includes simple card colors in ivory, white and brown with elegant floral accents, detailed toile designs, lengthy scrolls and simple borders. Choose a vertical or horizontal orientation, depending on the length of detail for your courses. Add the wedded couple or honoree’s name, event and party date to the top for a personalized touch.

For additional menu designs, visit our Wedding Essentials Collection.

Setting Your RSVP Date

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

I had an interesting conversation with a customer today about RSVP dates and how early is ‘too early’ to set an RSVP date…and for that matter, is an RSVP date even necessary? To set the record straight, I always suggest putting an RSVP date on your invitation. If you simply ask your guests to RSVP, it seems that most times you are less likely to receive a reply from everyone. If you have an RSVP date written on your invitation it gives your guests the impression and sense of urgency in receiving their reply.

For a casual event, we typically say to set your RSVP date for 1-2 weeks before the party date. This can be lengthened for a more formal event, (weddings are more like 2-3 weeks prior to the wedding date), or if your caterer/reception site needs a head count to prepare a venue or food for the event. In the case of the customer I was chatting with, she actually had an RSVP date that needed to be five WEEKS before her event. She and her other hosts were preparing a costly event and needed a firm count of guests before purchasing favors and planning their location decorations, etc. In this customer’s case her RSVP date was in definite need of being included on or with her invitation.

Suggestion: If you have an RSVP date that is way before your event, be sure to mail your invitations early enough so that your guests have time to reply. Since the event needs such a firm confirmation of attendees, be sure to have the contact information for all guests in case plans change, (with the event being so far out), or in the case that a guest does not reply, (which WILL happen more times than you think).

End of the story? If you’re a guest and you see an RSVP date on your invitation, make it easy on your host(s) and reply as soon as possible on or before the requested date. It makes party planning SO much easier!!