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Sex and the City Party

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

We all know what date is coming…May 27th and it’s going to be as fabulous as you imagined it. So rab your Manolos, don your best little black dress and sip on a cocktail…it’s time to head out for a night with the girls and host your own Sex and the City party!!!

Whether you’re a Miranda, Charlotte, Carrie or Samantha, your party has got to portray an image of style, fashion, girl-glam-goddess and sophistication. When hosting your next girl’s night…ask each of your best gal-pals to come dressed as their favorite Sex and the City character. Hit the town to watch the Sex and the City premier together and then head out for a night of cocktails and dancing to celebrate.

Remember to send out invitations to prepare your guests for this fabulous night. Our newest fashion party invitations purely embody the image of your typical cosmo-girl…someone who is independant, striking, intelligent, sassy and chic. Check out our favorite girl’s night invites below…especially featuring our newest 3-D high heeled shoe invitations from Paper so Pretty.

Host your own Sex and the City party and want to share? Be sure to comment our blog and share your party hosting ideas! Afterall, a girl is only as good as her best girlfriends…so do tell!