Partying During Rough Economic Times

We are all doing a little belt tightening during the current economic downturn, but life still goes on and that means birthdays and weddings and PARTIES!!!! With that in mind, IBox is happy to present our “Super Clearance Section”. Here you can find invitations for all kinds of events, from weddings and bridal showers to birthday and cocktail parties. We also have a great selection of moving and anytime cards on the site. With savings of 25% you’ll be saying …Recession, what recession in no time. And order by this Sunday, May 23rd and receive an extra 5% off. That is up to 30% off on some awesome invites!!! I’ve posted a couple below to show that these are not your typical “clearance” items, but first run cards by top designers like Four Seasons, Inviting Company and Noteworthy!

Here is an invite to a Day at the Beach by Four Seasons.

clearance beach invitations

Tux and Gown, also by Four Seasons, will definitely get them to the church on time.

clearance bridal shower invitations

Finally, don’t let your new address get lost in the shuffle with “We’re Moving On” by Noteworthy.

Clearance Moving Announcements

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