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Sleepover Party Invitations

Monday, May 24th, 2010

GIRLS RULE & BOYS DROOL!! Grab your pillow, the popcorn, your favorite tunes, makeup, dress-up clothes and gossip magazines…it’s time to plan a girls-only sleepover party with all of your BFF’s invited!

We all remember our first sleepover as a child. A little nervous about leaving home for an entire night away from our parents, picking out a sleeping bag to take for the event and hiding your favorite teddy bear that you sleep with every night in the bottom of your overnight bag so that he’s not lonely for a night without you. Then you get to the sleepover, watch movies, eat pizza, dance, play dress-up and gossip and realize that all your fears have gone away and you’ve taken one step forward in growing up!

Our sleepover party invitations are the cutest around…featuring sleeping bag themes, pajama themes and invitations with all the sleepover essentials from an iPod to slippers, popcorn, microphones and more. Below are just a few of our favorite sleepover party invitations:

sleepover invitations