Wedding Monday: Eloping & Showers

I absolutely love it when a customer asks me a wedding etiquette question. Especially one which puzzles me enough make me do a little research before replying to ensure I have the correct answer for them. The one I received today was very unique and I wanted to share…

I received an inquiry today asking whether or not it is appropriate to throw a shower for an eloping customer BEFORE they are married and what the etiquette is on sending an announcement. The true meaning of eloping, as defined on, as:

Eloping –verb (used without object),e·loped, e·lop·ing. run off secretly to be married, usually without the consent or knowledge of one’s parents. run away with a lover. leave without permission or notification; escape.

With that being said, it is acceptable for a shower to be held after the elopement, almost as a celebration or type of reception for the happily married couple. It almost seems that if the couple has a shower prior to, then it cannot be considered an “elopement” as it was premeditated.

As far as a marriage announcement goes, absolutely, feel free to send one out. You don’t have to write that the couple eloped in the announcement. It can simply be worded as:

Elizabeth Jane Edwards
Robert James Patterson
are pleased to announce their marriage
March 30, 2010
in a small private ceremony
in Raleigh, NC

After the wording is a great place to continue with a celebration or shower invitation. “Please join us to celebrate…” would follow, with the party details.

Do you have a wedding etiquette question that is unanswered? Send them our way! We love assisting our customers and giving them advice, especially when it’s a question that stumps our wedding specialists, too!

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