Listing Your Host/Hostess Information

The question of the day is: How many hosts is just too many hosts to list on an invitation? When does the party stop being about the bride or honoree and start being all about the 25 hosts? As orders pass through our warehouse we all often get into discussions about proper etiquette and trends we see with our customers and of course we want to share and find out your thoughts!

Etiquette wise, it is acceptable to list the host(s) names on the invitation so that your guests are informed of who is handling the event in case of questions about the event. A good rule of thumb is to list 1-3 names so that the host section does not become overwhelming. If you have multiple names you can always write something like “hosted by family and friends” or “given with love by the bridal party”. If you think about it, nobody wants to read through a list of twenty host names. After the fifth host most guests have already skipped to the bottom of the invitation for the rsvp or registry information. It truly then becomes the issue of what is more important, the honoree or the twenty people that helped plan the event?

Think this is a bit harsh? Or, do you want to find a way to honor or recognize all hosts? Feel free to include an insert with your invite listing the hosts or add a note to your event programs thanking the hosts. You can even present each host with a small gift at the even to thank them for their continuing support and assistance in the planning of the event.

Bottom line: Of course, list your hosts to help your guests with questions about the event. However, the invitation text and details about the event should always be greater than the number of hosts!

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