Sip and See Invitations

baby shower invitations

A new growing trend in the baby world is a “Sip and See” shower-type of event which is hosted after a baby is born. It gives family and friends a chance to gather in a quiet setting to see the parents after the birth of their child and see the newborn baby boy or girl! These showers are great for parents with a plethora of visitors as it will reduce the number of ‘visits’ the parents will have during the first few months of their baby’s life. Most sip and sees are held during the mid-afternoon when tea is typically served. Guests are welcome to bring gifts for the new parents and baby if they wish. A sip and see is also great for the couple that does not know the gender of their baby during pregnancy as their guests can now tailor their gifts for the new baby and what the couple actually needs.

This newly popular type of baby shower has sparked some of our vendor’s interests to create new designs. Take a look at some of our new sip and see invitations below:

baby shower invitations

Having a sip and see? Feel free to share ideas and comments with us as we explore this new and innovative baby shower idea!!

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