Movie Party Invitations

Eclipse, A-Team, Toy Story 3, Letters to Juliet, Sex and the City 2…all the ‘big name’ movies that everyone wants to see are coming out this summer! Celebrate the opening night of your favorite upcoming film with a movie themed party for everyone to enjoy! Whether you’re a kid or an adult, movie parties are great. What better way to beat the heat than relaxing in a cool air conditioned theatre with all of your friends? After the movie you can continue celebrating at home or out on the town for an “after-party”.

Our movie party invitations feature popcorn and candy themes, red carpets, movie cameras, movie reels and even simulated ticket stubs! Check out some of our great designs below which work perfect for kids through adults:

movie invitations

Remember, websites out there like offer pre-purchase options for opening movie nights. This way you can buy your tickets all at once to ensure that everyone has a seat!

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