Round Stickers, Square Stickers & Return Labels

Ask and you shall receive! We understand that when shopping for kids birthday invitations, adult birthday invitations, baby announcements, shower invites, etc. it’s great when your chosen invite has matching stationery sets for thank you’s and little stickers or labels to go with it. It adds a special little extra touch to your party planning and creates adorable consistency.

Some of our newest designs on our website will look familiar to you, but in different forms! IB Designs has just introduced a new line of square and round stickers that coordinate with your favorite invitations and announcements on InvitationBox! Now when you choose your invitation you’ll see a really cool “Other Items You May Like” feature which shows you all pieces that match in a party set. Take a look at this adorable jungle animal collection below, which works great as a birth announcement or kids party invitation, thank you note, return address label and goody-bag label:

kids invitations and stickers

Can’t wait to see more? We have all kinds of new stickers for kids and adults and the best part is that they’re available personalized with your special message, phrase or return address. Click here to see more!

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