Envelope Addressing for Party Invitations

When reviewing invitation orders we do our best to help our customers with using the proper etiquette so that they convey a clear and consistent message to their guests. Your invitation and envelope wording is also a reflection of the event to come.

This Friday etiquette reminder dates most of us back to the first or second grade when we learn how to write an address or address envelope. In most recent orders, we have noticed states being abbreviated, (CA written as C.A.), states not being capitalized, (CT written as Ct or ct), as well as commas or periods after the state. The rule of thumb is that the city should always be followed by a comma, then the state, (capitalized), followed by two spaces and then the postal code. If the state is written out, put one space before the postal code. These 3 pieces of information should be written on all one line, not two.
Example: Raleigh, NC 27606 or Raleigh, North Carolina 27606

Remember that for most invitation orders you have the option for InvitationBox.com to print your return addresses on the back flap of your envelopes as well as your guests addresses on the front of your envelopes. We print the addresses in the same font and/or font color as your invitation to create a coordinating and clear ensemble.

Etiquette questions? Feel free to ask our experts!

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