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We’re in the age where ‘snail mail’ is out and technology has advanced enough that we send our ‘thank yous’ via text, email, instant messenger or facebook. While this is still somewhat meaningful, taking the time to handwrite a guest or host a thank you note means you took time out of your busy schedule to appreciate their gift or kind gesture enough by writing them a note and sending it in a traditional way, (in comes the ‘snail mail’ idea).

A lot of times in the invitation business we see customers order pre-printed thank you notes with their name on the front and a generic “thanks for coming and for my gift” message on the inside. While this may be better than a “thank you text”, it’s not far from it. Hand-written thank you notes don’t have to be intricate or a big long letter that takes you ten minutes to write. A simple note about the gift or gesture along with a possible note about the party is sufficient. Something like this…

“Katie, thanks so much for coming to my bridal shower. I have already put the towels in my kitchen and bathroom and they go great with my decor! It was so great seeing and celebrating with you! Love, Amy”

Short, sweet, to the point…but not lengthy.

Send your thank you notes a few days after the event up to a month or two after the event. If you get busy and forget, late is better late than never! I once received a thank you note 8 months after my best friend’s wedding. Sure, it was extremely late, but the fact that she did take the time to send it meant a lot to me.

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