Dress Code Printed on Party & Wedding Invitations

Our customers are occasionally stumping us, and when they do, we love to share! We recently saw a dress code request, “casual yacht club attire”, on an invitation and it sparked a conversation about dress codes on an invitation, are they really necessary and what do they actually mean. I’m not exactly sure what the above was in reference to but I pictured guests walking around in khakis and blue polos with anchors on them, (joke), but it did bring up the question of, what do your guests think when they read your attire request? We do feel that attire requests are great to print on an invitation or insert so that each guest doesn’t feel under or over-dressed. Also if the location of the event has attire requirements, you certainly need to let your guests know.

Below are some commonly used attire requests and their meanings…

Casual Attire – jeans, blouse, shirt, t-shirt, sundress – dress for fun!
Cocktail Attire – mini dress, cocktail dress, khakis – chic stylish dressy clothing, but not overly formal
Business Casual – dress shirt, tie, business suit – basically nice clothes, no jeans
Dressy Casual – dressy shirt, dress – typically no jeans or nice dark jeans without rips/tears, etc.
Formal Attire – formal dresses/gowns, dress pants, suits, ties – dress to impress

When planning your event, if you need to include a dress code requirement, feel free. This will make sure all guests feel comfortable, fit-in and nobody is the main focus except the honoree. Don’t be afraid to get creative with what you call your dress code, just make sure your guests are aware of what it means.

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