Personal Calling Cards

Have you ever taken your kids to the playground and you hit it off with another mom and the kids are having a great time and then you hear the 2 words every parent longs for….. PLAY DATE. You are scrambling for some paper to get their phone # or e-mail address, but when you get home you can’t find it anywhere and the once promising friendship is lost. InvitationBox has the answer to this simple, yet maddening problem, Personal Calling Cards. These small cards, sometimes called Mommy Cards, are the perfect way to pass your info on to a new friend. They contain all your pertinent information and the best part, no pens or paper are needed. Since they are made with quality and are printed on real card stock, friends – new and old – will be sure to hang on to them and give you that call to invite you and your child on that play date.

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