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We’ve all done it…raced through placing an invitation order, double, triple checked it, approved our proof and then realize once we receive our invitations that we’ve made a blatant error to our party date, registry information or rsvp info. How could we have missed it? The answer: You’re only human. Lately we have had a lot of customers contact us about reprint options for mistakes made on their invitations. The common question often arises…

If you’re on a budget, is there anything that can be done to fix an invitation when you’ve made a mistake?

At InvitationBox we offer our customers a few options. The first option is to have your invitations reprinted with a 25% discount. We also ship reprints out typically within 1-2 business days so that you can have your replacements in a timely manner. In the meantime you can work on addressing your invitation envelopes. The second option we often suggest to customers is to purchase an insert card, (like a calling card or reception card), and write a note to your guests to include with your invitations. Something like…

Oops!! We made a mistake! Katie is registered at Macy’s & Target

We don’t want you to be late…there’s a change in the date!
See you on Saturday, August 14th!

We planned the party for ten…
But the baby will be asleep then!
Please plan on attending
Mara’s 1st Birthday Party
at noon

Most guests are just fine knowing that a date, time or location has changed. We’ve all planned parties before and understand these things happen. Check out these calling cards and insert cards that are perfect for making corrections to your party information!

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