Military Party Invitations

military invitations

We live in the land of the free, but we all know that freedom comes at a price. Whether the soldier in you family or circle of friends is going into the military or coming home after a long trip overseas, let them know that they have the support of family and friends with a party in their honor. A party that will remind them that what they fight for on a daily basis is the love of family, friends and our right to be free.

This collection of military themed party invitations features a variety of military designs. Choose from camouflage borders, American Flags, back from Iraq tickets, army tanks, fireworks or other patriotic themed invitations. These invitations come in a variety of styles including die-cuts, layered cards, flat invitations and ticket style invitations. Send your military party invitations out well in advance of your party so that everyone may attend.

military party invitations

When planning your going away or coming home party ask your guests to bring photos or memoirs of the soldier in honor. Share with your guests the hard work and courage that goes into this soldier’s career on a daily basis. Send each guest home with a party favor like an American Flag, army men or canteen. Check out all of our military themed invitations at InvitationBox!

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