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Over the Hill Party Invitations

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

I will never forget the over the hill party my father-in-law hosted for my mother-in-law when she turned 50. We had the surprise party at a favorite Italian restaurant of our family’s and hid everyone in a banquet room decorated with black balloons. When she came into the room she burst into tears realizing the party was for her and not our other relatives. My father-in-law made her sit in a wheelchair at the table and periodically throughout the night we handed her gag gifts and candy pills for aches and pains from going over the hill. It was a fun night of roasting and toasting her 50th birthday.

When hosting your parent, husband, wife, co-worker or friend’s over the hill party, be sure to spread the word with a great invitation that gets everyone into the fun ‘over the hill’ spirit. You can choose an invitation that embraces old age or one that celebrates that many years younger and wiser! Below are a few our our favorite over the hill party invitations shown with their fun coordinating backs:

over the hill invitations

Need some over the hill gag-gifts? Think menus or a book with extremely large writing, coffin goody bags, tired pills, T-shirts with funny old-timer sayings, black cupcakes, memory mints for senior moments…the list goes on and on! Have fun as you celebrate your loved one getting older. Remind them that they’re not just older, they’re better!