Wedding Stationery Etiquette

A plethora of wedding stationery etiquette inquiries have been coming in lately, along with some typical mistakes on wedding stationery that we all make. I thought I’d share a little marriage stationery advice with our readers…

When writing your new married name, the bride’s name should always be written before the groom’s. For example, John Smith who is now married to Katie Smith should be written as “Katie and John Smith”. A good rule to remember is that a man should never be separated from his last name…thus Katie’s name would always be written first to prevent this.

Even without the groom’s last name, it should always be “Katie and John”. The rule behind this one is that the bride is “given away” to the groom, thus her name should be written first.

When creating a married monogram, which is a three-letter monogram with a couple’s initials entertwined, keep in mind that you are creating just that, a married monogram. Engaged couples to be married should not write their initials together until they have been wed. We see this on a lot of wedding invitations, however it does go against traditional etiquette.

A married couple is welcome to use a married monogram. The monogram should consist of three letters, with the initial in the center being the largest. The left initial should be the first letter of the wife’s name and the right initial should be the first letter of the husband’s name. The center of the monogram should be the married couple’s last name initial.

It’s important to follow these traditional etiquette rules to convey a clear representation of a couple or couple-to-be. If you have more stationery etiquette questions, feel free to ask! It’s always fun to play ‘stump the blogger’!!

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