NEW Bounce House Party Invitations

It never fails that bounce house parties tend to be the winner when it comes to kids birthday party themes and invitation choices. Bounce house parties are a great way to keep the kids active, excited and having fun during the whole birthday event. They are great for girl or boy parties and parents, family, friends and siblings can join in on the fun too! Most bounce houses will accommodate a bunch of kids at a time and grown-ups can jump after the kids are done.

In the past few weeks we have introduced several new bounce house themed invitations on our website, from IB Designs and Paper so Pretty. These designs are perfect for those who desire a gender neutral birthday invitation with boys & girls jumping amongst plastic balls together and gender neutral colors like green and yellow for parties where both genders of kids are attending. If you do want more gender specific, we have pastel bounce houses for girls and more primary bounce house colors for boys only. Each bounce house themed invitation is in cartoon form and showcases vibrant colors that resemble the bounce house you’ll be attending or renting for your child’s party. Fill in your child’s name, party details and a fun bounce-house phrase like “Bounce this way, it’s my 4th Birthday” and you’ll be all set!

Below are some of our newest bounce house invitation designs…

bounce house invitations

Remember when inviting your guests to your event to ask them to bring socks and proper active attire. You may even want to have extra socks on hand in case someone forgets. This way everyone can join in on the bouncing fun!

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