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Birth Announcements

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Your bundle of joy has finally arrived! Time to let family and friends know the good news of an extra family member. When creating a birth announcement most families will choose a gender-specific birth announcement, i.e. pink, purple and yellow for girls or blue, navy or green for boys. Choose a color combination or design that you feel best describes your feeling about your newborn or their newfound personality from our baby boy birth announcement collection, baby girl birth announcement collection or multiples birth announcement collection. You can even choose a design or theme that matches their nursery from bumblebees, princesses, bunnies and flowers to cars, trucks, sailboats or monograms.

When writing your birth announcement, you’ll want to include some important pieces of information about your new baby. Be sure to include your baby’s name, date of birth, weight, length and parents names. You can also elect to include the time your baby was born, location of the birth and/or the baby’s new siblings names. There is no requirement on what information you must have or include on your birth announcement, as long as you are comfortable with it. If you have just delivered a premie and do not want to list weight or length information, that is perfectly acceptable. Or, if you have just adopted and do not know this information, that’s okay too.

Below are some of our newest and most popular birth announcements featuring contemporary styles for your newborn…

twins birth announcementboy birth announcementsgirl birth announcements

Want to share a photograph of your new arrival with family and friends? We also have digital photograph birth announcements that are perfect for creating memories and keepsakes.