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Around the House Bridal Shower Invitations

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Often when a couple decides to wed they’ll be buying a house or renting an apartment together, which may be rather empty when they’re first starting out as a couple. An around the house bridal shower is perfect for the couple-to-be. This way your guests can help fill up the new household and provide the bride and groom with items they need for their new home together. When planning an around the house bridal shower, each guest will be assigned a room to purchase a gift for. If you know the bride has registred for a plethora of kitchen and living room items, you may want to give more guests those assignments, and only give a few guests rooms like the bathroom, shed or bedroom.

Our around he house invitations are perfect for letting the guests know the theme of your shower. Choose a modern invitation with bright colors and furtniture silhouettes that showcase the different rooms the bride and groom will need gifts for. Be sure to inform your guests that this is an around the house shower so that they are prepared. On the actual invitation, leave a blank space for the room to be handwritten in, “Your room is________________________”.

around the house shower invitations

Not sure what gift to purchase for your room assignment? Here are a few helpful ideas for your gift-giving shower:

Kitchen: Cooking utensils, pots and pans, serving trays, waffle iron, mixer, dish towels, coasters, fun kitchen gadgets, bakeware, silverware, cloth napkins and linens

Living Room: Blankets, pillows, picture frames, holiday decorations, paintings

Bathroom/Bedroom: Linens, lingerie, bath products, monogrammed towels

Shed/Garage: Tools, car parts, shovels, rakes, lawn mower, tool box

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around the house invitations