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Sweet 16 Invitations

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

sweet 16 invitationsShe’s sweet. She’s Sassy. She’s just about to get her first set of car keys. She’s Sweet 16! Turning sixteen is such an important milestone in any girl’s life as it’s a time when she’s no longer considered a child, begins to learn how to drive, can open up her own bank account, see a rated R movie…the list goes on!

When planning your daughter’s sweet 16 birthday party you’ll want to choose an invitation that sets the bar high for her event and really sets the tone for the fun night ahead. Whether it’s a formal red carpet event or a fun night in with her gal-pals, we have the perfect invitations to help her celebrate her sweet sixteen. Choose from designs with peace signs, princess crowns, animal print, modern designs and patterns, party dresses, birthday cake, pockets, layered cards, ribbons, presents, polka dots, digital photographs, floral prints and more. Each design is adorned with her favorite color combinations including black and pink, black and white, lime green, orange, teal and brown and red. Some of our favorite and most popular sweet sixteen designs are those with zebra or cheetah print incorporated into the designs.

Excited to plan her big day? Below are a few of our newest and most popular sweet sixteen invitations:

16th birthday invitations

You can check out the above invitations and a variety of other sweet 16 birthday party invitations at She only turns sweet 16 once, so make it one she’ll never forget!