Custom Stampers by Noteworthy Collections

Stamp it up! This fun collection of custom stampers from Noteworthy Collections is growing in popularity day by day! Each rubber stamp comes built into a plastic stamper that protects your hands from an inky mess. Inside the stamper is a black ink pad which is interchangeable with a colored ink pad which you may purchase when ordering your customized stamper. Customize your chosen stamper with your Greek letters, name and address, monogrammed initials, a favorite phrase like “this book belongs to”, a phone number, email address…the list goes on!

Noteworthy’s stamps are available in a variety of designs and styles depending on what theme interests you or coincides with your projects. Kids will love their princess stamps, animal themed stamps, dress-up or doll stamps. Adults will love their classic monogram stamps, collegiate stamps, sporting stamps or career themed stamps. We also have stamps for destination weddings, nature lovers, beach themes, book themes, pet themes, location themes, pattern themes, floral themes and more.

Take a look below at some of our favorite stamp designs…

If you have purchased a stamp get ready to be stamp-inspired! Use these stamps to make your own personal mark on your books, belongings, stationery, envelopes, letterhead, notes to friends, cookware, paperwork and more. Check out the entire stamp collection at!

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