Fall Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

As summer winds down and the fall draws near many of the weddings we plan during the summer months are right around the corner! Before your wedding day, it is traditional for the groom’s parents to host a rehearsal dinner for bridal attendants and sometimes out of town guests to attend. This dinner gathering should begin after the church rehearsal, as sort of a wind-down at the end of the night to relax before the big day. Many times during the rehearsal dinner the bride and groom will give a short speech to their bridal attendees to thank them for their help during their wedding planning, as well as present them with their gifts for being in their wedding. You can also have the parents of the bride or groom say a little something to everyone.

Many rehearsal dinners are held at Italian or Mexican restaurants or a favorite place of the bride and groom. If you’re hosting a fall wedding, you may want to think about incorporating the fall theme into your rehearsal dinner. This can include fall rehearsal dinner invitations, fall themed table settings or decor in your dinner area. Make your fall details subtle yet appropriate for your event. Rehearsal dinners should not be lavish or upstage the actual wedding.

At InvitationBox.com we have brand new fall themed rehearsal dinner invitations right in time for the season ahead. We have showcased a few of our favorite new fall designs below that feature fall and autumn dinner place settings, leaf and harvest designs and pumpkin themes…

Hosting a fall themed rehearsal dinner creates a warm, inviting and colorful event setting, that much corresponds with the love you’re celebrating. Create a relaxing, loving and inviting event with a fall themed rehearsal dinner and celebrate the couple who is just about to be wed!

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