Spa Party Invitations

Sit back, relax, kick your feet up and get beautiful! Spa parties are a growing trend for adult birthday parties, bridal showers and bachelorette parties. We’re even seeing a large trend of kids birthday parties with spa themes! Everyone loves to take a break from their everyday schedule to get their nails manicured, toes pedicured, hair done and back massaged…whether you’re turning 9 or 89, having a birthday or getting ready for a wedding.

At we carry a wide range of spa and beauty themed invitations with designs of nail polish, feet, makeup counters, pedi spas, bathrobes and cucumber eyed girls, lounges, beach themes and makeup. Some invitations are geared toward kids with more whimsical and cartoony themes more geared toward fun and getting pretty, and others more geared toward adults with posh and contemporary spa themes that focus on relaxation, socialization and meditation. Take a look at some of our favorite spa party invitations below…

Spa parties can be rather expensive, as well as a nail or spa place can be booked fast…so plan ahead! Many spa companies have discount rates for large groups or spa packages that are discounted so that more people can participate at a cost they can afford. Be sure to call a few weeks ahead to reserve space and assistants for your spa getaway. Nobody wants to get to the spa and have 2 girls with their nails done, one with her hair done and the other 2 girls in the lobby waiting for an eternity. Kids parties are typically paid for by the host of the event, but those hosting a bridal shower or just a get-together can ask guests to pay for their spa treatments or to pay for their treatments if they want extras.

Ready to relax and get away from life for a few hours? We are too. There’s no better way to spend time with your girlfriends than with a day at the spa with beauty products, calming music, social gossip, champagne and a relaxing massage.

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