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NFC Predictions

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Ok – I admit it, I am an AFC guy, so I am just going to give a cursory overview of the NFC. Can the Saints make it back to the Super Bowl? Will Brett Farve go out on top? How ’bout them Cowboys?

NFC East – The East is wide open – All 4 teams expect to be around at the end of the season – but only 2 will be, look for the Cowboys to win the division and the NY Football Giants to grab a Wild Card Invitation.

NFC South – This is a 2 team race between the Saints and the Falcons with the defending champs finishing on top and Atlanta playing golf in January.

NFC North – Another division that will come down to 2 teams – but unlike the South, both are headed to the post – season with the Packers picking up the division crown and Vikes grabbing the 2nd Wildcard spot.

NFC West – The West has been a nightmare over the last few years – 2010 will not be an exception. The Cardinals figure to be the favorite again, but this may be the year the 49ers (finally) put it together. Well – maybe not – the Cards will head to the playoffs.

Tomorrow the rest of the AFC.

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