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AFC Predictions

Friday, August 27th, 2010

I detailed the AFC East on Wednesday, so let’s go through the rest of the AFC today.

AFC East – Like I said the other day – The Patriots walk away with this one.

AFC North – Possibly the most competitive division in the NFL – 3 teams have the goods and could make the playoffs from the North. The Browns are going nowhere this year and I also think the Bengals are going to struggle. So that leaves the Ravens and the Steelers fighting for the division crown. Due to Big Ben’s suspension, I am going to give the Ravens the edge, but think the Steelers will secure a wildcard spot.

AFC South – Like the Patriots in the East, the Colts have long run this division. It seems like each year they send out an invitation to be challenged and each year, the other teams are just not up to it. This year is no exception. The Texans are very close and will finally make the jump to a wild-card spot.

AFC West – Like the NFC West, a weak division. Look for the Chargers, due to a lack of competition and the strong arm of Phillip Rivers, to come out on top here.

Next week – my playoff predictions.

Your AFC Playoff Teams.