Halloween Wedding Invitations

halloween invitations

No way…Seriously? A Halloween themed wedding invitation? Things get a little strange around InvitationBox during the early fall months and believe it or not, we actually see a bunch of orders for Halloween themed weddings, bridal showers and engagement parties. We used to think it was a bit odd, but in reality…it actually sounds kind of fun! This year, with Halloween being on a weekend, it’s a perfect time for Halloween weddings. Our vendors are following the Halloween trends and have come up with some very unique Halloween wedding invitations that will fit the Halloween wedding theme perfectly.

If you look below you’ll see some of our most popular Halloween couples themed invitations. The first Invitation, Frankenstein Couple by Inviting Company, features a vibrant orange background with a Frankenstein couple on the left hand side. The bride is wearing a wedding gown and has her hair teased into a hive. Frankenstein stands to her left holding her hand with his green skin, black jacket and brown pants. The second card shown below, Halloween Chandelier Party Invitation by Noteworthy Collections, is perfect for a formal fall or Halloween themed wedding or rehearsal dinner. The card features an orange bottom card with a black design of a formal chandelier handing front and center. A translucent vellum overlay lies atop the bottom card for your text and is attached with a silky black ribbon. The third invitation below, Ghost Couple by Inviting Company, is perfect for couple’s bridal showers or rehearsal dinners. The invitation features a vibrant orange background with a ghost couple on the left side holding green ghoulish martinis.

What can you expect if you’re invited to a Halloween themed wedding? Formal Halloween weddings may feature black, orange and white decor with antique chairs, tables and location settings. The wedding may be held at night at an old mansion or house. More casual Halloween weddings may even ask you to dress up or come prepared for a specific Halloween theme. Ghoulish delights may be served along with spooky and creepy cocktails. Truly, the sky is the limit and if you’re a big Halloween fan…go for it and plan the perfect Halloween wedding!

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